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In the spring of 1952 Murl and Erma Graham moved with their 3 children Alex, Shirley, and Wayne to the present location. They moved from a tobacco farm near Otterville to a mixed farm here. At the start they had pigs, dairy cattle and laying chickens and grew peas for a canning company as well as corn , mixed grain and hay. Murl also got into custom work at this time filling silos, and applying aqua ammonia to neighboring farmers as well as his own corn crops. Erma and, the children as they grew, contributed as time allowed. In the early sixties Murl expanded his custom operation to include work for York Farms and hired additional employees. Later in the 60's Murl built a beef feedlot and silos to finish 500 cattle at a time.


Wayne joined the operation full time in 1970 and in 1972 Circle G Farms Limited was formed. The home farm grew to 451 acres and through the 1980's and 1990's they share-cropped and rented acres hovering between 1500-1800 acres. Wayne and his wife Donna Jean gradually took over the daily operation while Murl and Erma enjoyed some travel time.

 In 2000 Wade received his BSC from the University of Guelph and joined the operation. Expansion was then in the area of custom farm work and grew to 4500 acres of planting, tillage and harvesting. Custom spraying amounted to about 20,000 acres per year. Wayne and Donna Jean's daughter Heather Rutter joined the company in 2008 to assist with bookkeeping and invoicing.

Although they have passed on, we wish to thank Murl and Erma for their vision and years of hard work.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our employees, neighbor’s and customers for the loyalty and support. Finally to our families who supported us and adjusted their lives so we could put in the hours that were required.

"Thank You".

(519) 661-7955

Burgessville, Ontario
N0J 1C0

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